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Project Description
RoboRepo allows an admin to generate a summary of multiple Microsoft Robocopy logs, including appended log files. The summary data can be previewed before exporting to a raw CSV file for further processing in excel etc.

Why RoboRepo?
I needed a way to summaries the results of multiple Microsoft RoboCopy jobs that are run overnight. I couldn't find anything appropriate, so I had a go at writing one. I also took this as an opportunity to learn a bit about WPF and C#.

How does it work
The idea of this tool is simple. To generate a report summary for all the log files in a particular directory, do the follow :

1. Start RoboRepo.exe
2. Specify the path to the location of MicroSoft RoboCopy log files.
3. Click the "Report" button. RoboRepo will then processes the summary information for all the log files in the directory and present it in a preview table.
4. Use the cursor keys to step through each entry in the table and display any errors reported.

Below is an example screen shot from the tool (some data is obscured due to sensitivity) :


The source code for the CircularProgressBar usercontrol is closely based on the examples written by Sacha Barber (visit his excellent website )

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